A New Way To Get Money From The Government (Federal Rent Checks)

I recently heard about Government Rent Checks (aka Federal Rent Checks) and it got me intrigued so here is my article on the matter.

We are living in a world where there are so many scams that before you invest in anything, you first have to conduct due diligence.

When someone says you can just start making 6 figures a year doing essentially nothing, that’s where the red flags begin.

Federal rent checks is a topic that has been doing rounds for some time now. It has been a heated debate where people can’t decide whether it is worth the risk or not. So, I sought to find out whether federal rent checks is legitimate or is a scam.

Here is the ultimate federal rent checks review!

What is federal rent checks?

Years ago, our ancestors helped to build government buildings through taxes.

It didn’t end there, we also pay for the maintenance and the upkeep of the said buildings. So, technically, we pay taxes to maintain the infrastructure of government agencies like the CIA, FDA, NASA etc. did I also mention that over 100 of these agencies are supposed to pay rent for the buildings they occupy?

Federal rent checks is a program from the money map press website that claims to have found a way for you to benefit from all this. According to this site, you can receive a check of about $1795 monthly from the government agencies.

Simple right? Not quite!

Who is the founder of federal rent checks?

D.R.Barton, Jr, the bestselling author of the 10 minute millionaire (read review here) is the star of the federal rent checks video.

Barton is a renowned financial coach and an expert in technical trading field with 30 years of experience.

He has also been known to provide analysis on Bloomerang radio, Fox Business and CNBC.

Even though all this goes to show how knowledgeable he is, is federal rent check really legit?

How does it work exactly? Keep reading to find out!

How does federal rent checks work?

It is not every day that you’re told you can receive over $1500 without raising a finger, right? Well, the federal rent checks program is based on five steps.

Rent payments – government agencies like the FBI, the US army corps and the department of interior first make rent payments for all the buildings they occupy.

Federal buildings fund – the money collected is usually over 11 billion and is safely gathered in the federal buildings fund.

Treasury’s coffer – since the government also owns some of the buildings, the federal buildings fund has to give the government its share by depositing it into the treasury’s coffer.

Private agencies – for the other government buildings, private agencies have been contracted to oversee them.

This means that these private agencies also have to be given a piece of the pie.

Shareholders – this is where you come in. the agencies then have to give its shareholders dividends, which are technically the federal rent checks.

According to this, all you’re required to do is become a shareholder in one of the private agencies and you can start cashing in.

Is federal rent checks a scam?

How legitimate is federal rent checks?

Let’s start with the fact that the video by D.R.Barton is very vague.

He makes it seem like the money you will be receiving is free and up for grabs. Let’s face it, when it comes to money matters, we want a fully detailed brief.

Well known scam busters NoBsImReviews.com had the same opinion too in their review (read it at https://nobsimreviews.com/federal-rent-checks)

At the end of the money map press video, you will be as clueless as you were at the beginning of it.

You are left with more blanks than you started with, only with the notion that you can receive monthly checks from the government. Don’t get me wrong. I have nothing against free government money.

It is the utterly vague and misleading information that they are broadcasting to the people.


We are living in tough economic times and very bit of money counts. Before making a final decision, it is crucial that you first know the benefits and the drawbacks.


It would be a great source of extra income.
It doesn’t require much to start with.


It is an unverified source of income.

The marketing video is simplistic and vague

Before investing all your life’s savings on a get-rich money scheme, ensure that you’re extremely sure of what you’re getting yourself into.

Update For 2020…

Unfortunately the federal rent checks scheme got phased out and it is no longer available. That being said there are various other ones popping up that sound similar and you could potentially jump in on.

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